The essence of my brand lies in the dedication to the principle of putting in the extra work every day. 44 Overtime’s goal is to provide aspiring athletes with the guidance and mentorship they need to hone their craft, emphasizing the importance of hard work, perseverance, and continuous growth. My commitment to this brand goes beyond merchandise. Check out the dates of clinics and camps tailored specifically for goalies near you to work with me! I aim to impart essential skills and instill a sense of discipline and determination. Wearing 44 Overtime merch means you embody my passion for pushing boundaries, both on and off the field and getting 1% better every day. Together, we can redefine limits, break barriers, and inspire a generation of athletes who want to be the best version of themselves!!



Join host Kait Devir as she shares her challenges, experiences, and achievements as a college athlete while interviewing other athletes about their perspective. Each Journey is so different, the idea of this podcast is to empower younger athletes while getting an inside look on the mindset of the most elite athletes.